The journey, and the joy.

I have been taking pictures seriously for almost ten years. I picked up a camera about the same time I came back to my faith, so it has always had a special and spiritual significance to me. I believe this is something I am supposed to do. A very, very small way to give back and to give thanks.

The best thing about photography is that you learn something new every time you click that button. For me it’s usually about what I need to improve upon — like lighting or focus. Sometimes it’s more personal — say showing me that I need to take more control of the process, trust myself, or slow down.

But the best times are when I am reminded that I am just along for the ride.

Like this picture below.


I took a few shots of this mom and daughter at the end of an event this weekend. It had been a long day that started early and I was tired. As I turned to pack up, I heard them laughing about an awkward hug. Without thinking, I hit the shutter a few times, then put my gear away and headed home.

It was a toss away shot. Technically imperfect and, sadly, out of focus. Out of the two hundred pictures I took, this one brings me the most joy.

It’s these little moments, the moments in between shots and poses, in between time — that make the difference. These are the moments you don’t think a lot about because they aren’t about thinking at all.

A lot of people say the quality of the picture depends on the eye of the shooter. Maybe that is true. I’m more about what you capture than what you compose. The beauty is there. It’s everywhere. Sometimes we just need the world to stop — even for a millisecond — to see it.