Had the great fortune to catch a few pictures of these high school seniors at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna.  It was around 90-95 degrees, so these poor kids were hot and hangry.  They had been getting ready since about 3.  It was aabout 5:30 here, and dinner wasn't for another hour.   As soon as they got out of their very tacky hummer limo -- ah to be young :) -- they hit the vending machines.

The best part of the day was that my 14-year old son, Chris, helped me out.  He was my second camera and has a helluva eye.  Some of his edits are highlighted below.


The crew.

Pull back.

Oops. Strap got in the way! Still love the feel of this.

Shots from Chris.  So proud of my kid.  He's got a great eye.

Cam and April

PK and Catherine