Looking for a home, and finding some friends -- Alison and Rebecca, Realtors

Wow. It has been an absolutely crazy spring. I have had a gazillion sessions and am beyond grateful for all the wonderful people I have met in the process. My days have been filled with high school seniors, kids and families. I cannot wait to share their beautiful faces …. after prom season. :)

Last week I got to spend some time with a very very dear friend, Alison, and her business partner, Rebecca. The two are realtors in Northern Virginia and DC. Alison and her family moved across the street from me about 4-5 years ago and have been family ever since. I cannot tell you what a gift she has been.

This was the first time I met Rebecca, if you don’t count the time I ran some cupcakes over to Alison in my jammies and Beca was there (eek!). These two have such a great rapport — not to mention that they look alike, sound alike, and have the same tastes and sense of humor. They also have that amazing ability to make you feel comfortable. Instantly.

Looking for a house or selling your house? Call these two. You will find a friend and a home.