Living in color

Photographers are always looking for the backdrop, the shot, that will make the difference for their subject.  However, sometimes, it isn’t where you think.

But before I dive into that, I need to sing the praises of this great woman.  With more degrees than I can count, she was celebrating her latest Master’s and I had the honor of taking some pictures of her in her cap and cords, and in a shirt celebrating the entrepreneurial creation of a friend.

We went to Old Town, Alexandria using the fabulous Morrison House hotel as a backdrop for the more formal shots, then to the streets and cobblestones for all the feels :), and landed at  the waterfront.  We stopped at the Mirror Mirror exhibit.  While we spent the time getting shots of the very colorful inside, it was the outside — and the reflections of the buildings  — that created the best shots.  I enhanced them a bit by bumping up the dehazing and the contrast.