Behind the scenes exclusive!

Sunday was a gorgeous fall day and I had the urge to do some more abstract work — which I love to do. So I went to this real crappy pond on the side of Braddock Road. Trust me, it is not the most scenic of roads, or ponds.

Anyway, I played around with focus to try and get some interesting color in the water reflections. Below is what was captured. Pretty stinkin’ cool!

I also thought I would Photoshop one of the shots a bit to make it simpler. Before and after are below.

First, the not-so-scenic pond.


Here is the standard shot of the foliage in the water for perspective.


Now with a couple of shifts in focus. Seriously, that is cool. The first looks a bit like a Monet — or so says my mom :) — and the second like stained glass.


Photoshop goodness.

The stick at the bottom right of the photo above was distracting to me, so I used my very limited Photoshop skills to remove it. I like the result a lot better.